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Increase Productivity, Reduce Absenteeism, Reduce Turnover and Reduce Counter-Productive Behaviours by creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace. Your leaders and workers behaviours are heavily influenced by the trauma we all experience as we go through life. 

Let us help you create a healthier workplace culture and a better world.

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Did you know that Harvard Business Review found that 98% of employees have experienced uncivil behavior at work, and 48% have experienced uncivil behavior from a boss or manager?


Toxic Cultures and Uncivil Behaviours create trauma!


How Do Employees Respond to a Toxic Culture or Uncivil Behaviours? 

Uncivil and toxic behaviours (trauma responses) have a negative impact on productivity and the bottom line and some go as far as sabotaging company operations.

Services for Corporations To Create Better Leaders & Healthier Workplace Culture

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training & Coaching

Create a more employee-centric, empathetic and motivated workplace by creating Trauma-Informed Leaders. Trauma-Informed Coaching and Training for Leaders. 

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Trauma-Informed Workplace Training & Consulting

Increase awareness of trauma and it's impact on workplace behaviours. Develop policies and procedures that create safety and support as to not create new trauma or re-traumatise people.

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FAQs - The Trauma-Informed Workplace

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